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Temp Variable Attenuators
These temperature variable attenuators are useful in negating temperature effects on amplifier circuits. In high frequency applications, amplifiers have a tendency to decrease their gain as the temperature rises. The temperature variable attenuator provides the opposite temperature characteristics than the amplifier as its attenuation decreases as the temperature rises. Using the temperature variable attenuator in series with the amplifier circuit will cancel out the temperature effects and result in a constant output over temperature. These attenuators can replace the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) components from the amplifier circuit resulting in reduced circuit size, reduced component count and ultimately reduced costs.

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  ATV0805C Series ATV0805J Series ATV1206C Series ATV1206P Series ATV1512F Series
English Size 0805 0805 1206 1206 1512
Metric Size 2012 2012 3216 3216 3731
Attenuation 1-10dB 1-6dB 1-10dB, 16dB 1-10dB, 16dB 1-10dB
Reference Impedance 50Ω 50Ω 50Ω 50Ω 50Ω
Frequency Range DC to 3GHz DC to 10GHz DC to 3GHz DC to 15GHz DC to 6GHz
Input Power 63mW 63mW 100mW 100mW 2W
Product Files ATV0805C Datasheet
ATV0805J Datasheet
ATV1206C Datasheet
ATV1206P Datasheet
ATV1512F Datasheet