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Flexible Termination- CST High Voltage Series
The CST flexible termination High Voltage series is designed with a polymer layer in the end terminations of product,<br />which can absorb mechanical stress caused by PCB handling in SMT line and also reduce the mechanical impact for the<br />product. These products are ideal for DC to DC converters, back-lighting inverters, high voltage coupling/DC blocking, and snubbers in high frequency power converters.

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  0603 Size High Voltage 0805 Size High Voltage MLCC 1206 Size High Voltage 1210 Size High Voltage 1808 Size High Voltage
English Size 0603 0805 1206 1210 1808
Metric Size 1608 2012 3216 3225 4520
Dielectric Types X7R, NPO X7R, NPO X7R, NPO X7R, NPO X7R, NPO
Cap Range 0.5pF ~ 0.010µF 0.5pF ~ 0.10µF 1.5pF ~ 0.015µF 10pF ~ 0.47µF 1.8pF ~ 0.068µF
Cap Tolerance ±0.25pF ~ ±20% ±0.25pF ~ ±20% ±0.25pF ~ ±20% ±0.25pF ~ ±20% ±0.25pF ~ ±20%
Rated Voltage 200V, 250V 200V ~ 1,000V 200V ~ 2000V 200V ~ 2000V 500V ~ 3000V
Product Files CST High Voltage Datasheet

  1812 Size High Voltage
English Size 1812
Metric Size 4532
Dielectric Types X7R, NPO
Cap Range 10pF ~ 1.0µF
Cap Tolerance ±0.25pF ~ ±20%
Rated Voltage 200V ~ 3000V
Product Files CST High Voltage Datasheet