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Thin Film Technology has found the perfect way to Jump start your Day! Follow Thin Film Technology on LinkedIn!! See updates about Thin Film Technology products.Custom Product designed for the Customer! We offer a variety of passive RF devices for wideband applications. Our resistive power splitter (PS series) exhibits excellent high frequency characteristics for applications from DC to 20GHz. Be sure to follow TFT on LinkedIn to see all of the excitement that TFT has to offer!

TFT Introduces TFA Series Automotive Thick Film Chip Resistors
Thin Film Technology Corp. is proud to showcase our TFA Series, which is an Automotive Thick Film Chip Resistor. Covering sizes 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1218, 2010, and 2512 English sizes. These precision chip resistors are Automotive grade AEC Q-200 compliant and sulfur resistant making them an excellent choice for automotive applications, telecom applications, and EDP computer applications.

TFA Datasheet
TFT Showcases our Wide Banc DC- 30 GHz Small Chip Attenuator
Thin Film Technology Corp. is proud to showcase our Wide Band DC - 30GHz Small Form Factor Chip Attenuator. With offerings from 0 to -10db in -1db steps and inherent gain at upper frequencies to counteract PCB loss this chip attenuator out preforms the market. Please see our data sheet with improved foot print for easy PCB mounting under standard conditions.

ATT Datasheet
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